Van Tilburg

From top till toe


Van Tilburg is the largest independent fashion retailer in the Netherlands. It’s even larger than De Bijenkorf. For three times in a row, Van Tilburg has been awarded the Best-Shop-in-the-Netherlands award. Not only because it has the broadest range of goods but mainly because it has given new meaning to the concept of customer centricity.


Everything here has been tailor made: from advice to coffee, from jackets to socks and from the entrance to the checkout. That is why we came up with the Van Tilburg ‘Van-tot’ ('From-to') communication concept. In the spring of 2016 a new 10,000 m2 store was opened. What stood out to us in the interior was the use of steel frames making apparel look like it was framed like art. We decided to extend this look into the organization’s design and signage.


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