Designed to distinguish


Decoded was founded in 2009; that year their first ideas to create distinguishing products came to life. Introducing better solutions to store our beloved electronic devices in a more refined way. Decoded started to fulfill the need for stylish products where functionality was integrated into every detail and is becoming a leading company for high quality lifestyle accessories. In order to make the next step they asked us to create a creative brand strategy, a new visual identity and a brand guide.


We defined their WHY/HOW/WHAT, wrote a manifest and created a fresh brand identity on which we based the new logo and the new visual identity. “Decoding authentic materials and craftsmanship to meet the demands of today” is the insight we had which gives Decoded a deeper meaning. For the brand guide we used a travel guide as a metaphor because all their products are meant for traveling as well. This way we take you on a journey through all the facets of the brand, defining who Decoded is and what that looks like.  



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