We are offff.

Let's get it on!

"I'll see it,
when I believe it."

Youri van Overdijk

All-round creative who has worked for Lowe, XXS and Fitzroy before starting Offff in his hometown of Rotterdam. Etc. etc. Check yourivanoverdijk.nl

Founder & Creative Director

"If nothing goes wrong,
then everything has."

Maarten Laan

Started his own graphic design studio Meneer Laan in 2009 after finishing graduating from the Eindhoven Design Academy Eindhoven and quitting his career as a DJ. Blablabla....

Founder & Designer

"Never make eye contact
while eating a banana."

Julian Wouters

Graphic designer with a perfectionism disorder ;)

Head of Design

"When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee."

Yoerdan de Rijke

Graphic design intern, in search of stardom and extravaganza.

Graphic Design intern